STAFF qualifications

Our staff consist of 6 licensed irrigators, a certified landscape irrigation auditor and  a registered landscape architect.  These professionals represent over one hundred and fifty years of combined experience in the landscape and irrigation industry.

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The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC)  has established guidelines concerning the legal installation of an irrigation system in order to protect the public.  PHILLIPS LAWN SPRINKLER  strives to maintain these high standards.

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Examples of some completed projects can be viewed in the gallery.

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We recently purchased an older renovated ranch house that needed a complete overhaul of all flower beds and sprinkler systems AND we wanted to add an outdoor living space.  Phillips Lawn Sprinkler installed everything we needed and our home is beautiful!  The whole process was professionally done and no mess was left behind!
My wife and I have been customers of Phillips Lawn Sprinkler for over 20 years.  They service our two businesses that we own and they have installed new sprinkler systems in two houses that we have purchased, one in Fort Worth and one in Mansfield. We will continue to call on them for all of our lawn sprinkler and landscape needs...

Go Green With an Irrigation System

Water conservation has become an essential part of our everyday life, even in areas where we believe water is in abundant supply.  You can control water in your landscape by improving the efficiency of your irrigation system,  you can save water, reduce utility bills and improve your landscape.  Implementing some of the following suggestions can help you to save money on utility bills, and help prevent waste.

Install a rain sensor - Many cities will issue a citation of up to $500.00 if your irrigation system is running in the rain.  Installing a rain sensor that turns your system off automatically when it is raining conserves our most precious natural resource.  A rain sensor can save up to 30% on outdoor water according to Efficient Landscape Irrigation. 

Install drip irrigation - Drip irrigation applies water at the root of a plant  where it does the most good.  Drip  reduces water loss due to evaporation and excessive  runoff.  It is ideal for shrub beds,  gardens and trees.

Certified water audit - Residential and commercial water users can save on their monthly bill be determining a schedule for watering.  Each zone is tested to determine output and efficiency.  Your certified auditor will then decide how long each zone should run to meet the requirements most efficiently.  According to Water Smart Irrigation, irrigation audits in Texas have revealed a savings of over 50%  can be achieved while maintaining a desirable quality of the landscape. 


John Phillips established PHILLIPS LAWN SPRINKLER in 1969.  He continues to operate under the original name and holds licensed irrigator number 59.  The business office is located in Ft. Worth, Texas. 

PHILLIPS LAWN SPRINKLER specializes in the installation, service and repair of residential and commercial irrigations systems in the DFW area, as well as throughout Texas.  Other services offered are hydro mulching application, construction of outdoor living spaces with gazebos, decks, outdoor fireplaces and patios.  PHILLIPS LAWN SPRINKLER prides itself on landscape design seasonal color, water features, natural stone work, retaining walls and drainage systems.

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Featured Services

Services Sprinkler System Installation
PHILLIPS LAWN SPRINKLER desires to do everything within our means to ensure that the installation of your system is as painless and trouble free as possible.  There may be city codes and permit regulations that we must meet.  Before your job is begun these regulations will be adhered to, each  city will have different regulations and PHILLIPS LAWN SPRINKLER will comply with each of these.

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ServicesHydromulch Services
At Phillips Lawn Sprinkler, we offer hydromulching or hydroseeding services.


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Services Outdoor Living Spaces
Outdoor living spaces are an extension of your indoor space, only they are outdoors!  They are increasingly growing in popularity and offer many solutions for those who enjoy the outdoors...

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