Phillips Lawn Sprinkler Company utilizes only the best in new, professional quality, name brand irrigation equipment. The most current installation procedures, service equipment, and techniques are implemented.

For your protection, and ours,  we provide Worker's Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance coverage to limit exposure to litigation.  No money is required until the project is completed in order to assure that we perform in accordance with all of the commitments that we have made to you.

The projects are professionally completed according to the following guidelines:

  • Identifying the location of all utilities. (Telephone, Electric, Gas, & TV Cable)
  • Systematic completion of the project in an efficient. professional  manner.
  • Adjusting sprinkler heads and valve boxes even and flush with the finished grade.
  • Prevention of water settling by packing ditches .
  • Removing and disposing of excess debris unearthed as a result of our installation process.
  • Demonstrating operation of the completed system.
  • Technical assistance, warranty work and service is available for the life of the system.

    Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the:
    Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
    POB 13087
    Austin, Texas  78711-3087
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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